Best of 2016


Catrice Prime and Fine Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base
Cheap primer, that gets the job done. It has no smell and it's silicone free. It also increases longevity of my makeup and I noticed that once when I didn't have it with me. Before I thought it was rubbish. But it's not and now I'm already on second tube.

Zoeva brushes
These brushes are amazing. They aren't exactly cheap, but they aren't expensive either. Mine have been through several cleaning, yet they look and perform the same as when I got them.

L'oreal Infallible
200 Golden Sand
The best foundation I've tried from drugstore so far. The shade selection is not the best, but slightly better than Infallible 24h - Matte. This is actually too dark for me, so I'm always mixing it with some lighter foundation to get my perfect match. The longevity of it is great (approximatley 8 hours). I have some changes in my skin during the different times of the year. In the winter it tends to get dry and in the summer I have oily T-zone. It works for me in all seasons. It has good medium, buildable coverage.

Balea Reinigungs Öl
Great oil for removing makeup that's cheap. Balea did a bad move when they decided to discountinue makin this product, since it was so hyped up. Bad move, Balea.

I Love...
Cherry Almond Sparkle
I must confess that I'm a shower gel horder. This shower gel is to my nose pure perfection. When I start to rub it in my skin I smell pure cherry and after a few seconds comes that gentle almond scent.

Catrice Liquid Camouflage
005 Light Natural, 020 Light Beige
A budget friendly concealer that has medium, yet buildable coverage. It doesn't cover tattooes as it claims, but it is indeed waterproof. It turns slightly darker on my face as it is in the tube. 

Real Techniques Miracle Coplexion Sponge
This is my second sponge, first one was ripped apart by my lovely dog. Game changer in my makeup routine, I use it for foundation, concealer and even for setting my face. If you're looking for affordable beauty sponge, I hardly recommend this one.

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme
32 Emotion, 14 Devotion
They deserved their place in my Best of 2016 because of the great longevity. If you eat a greasy meal, it will melt down, otherwise it last a long time (on me for around 10 hours). I have to use something moisturizing underneath to make it work and it starts to feel a bit drying after 5 hours on my lips. 

61 Classic Nude
Another one that's here because of the longevity. It's cheap and performs great, what else you could wish? Oh right, better packaging. The packaging is really bad quality, so I'm super careful with it when I'm taking the lipstick with me. 

Nyx Slide On, Glide On, Stay On & Definetly a Turn On Waterproof, Extreme Shine Eye Liner
Golden Bronze
And the award for the longest name goes to this product. I hate the long name it has and can't help my judgy self. On the other side I adore its longevity on my waterline and the color is beyond amazing. Perfect eyeliner pencil for bronze lovers.

02 Browny Brows
I can't do my makeup without this gel. I'm obssesed how good my eyebrows look with it, it gives them some thickness and they stay in place all day. 

 Dita Von Teese
Another product that's discountinued from our drugstores. Now I'm using it sparingly, just for special occasions. At first it smells spicy and then it turns to a lovely rose scent with leathery feel to it.

L'oreal Color Riche Le Vernis a L'Huile
672 Gris Decadent, 556 Grenat Irreverent
Only nail polishes I've found so far that last on my nails whole 4 days. So imagine how happy I was, when I discovered them. Mine apply evenly, without any visible streaks and it's opacity is on point. Definitely my favorite drugstore nail polishes. The bottle itself is stunning, something unique, something different from those standard drugstore nail polish bottles.

XXL Volume
My favorite one out of Batiste dry shampoos. It gives me that volume that I miss in scented version and god knows I need it. I have a feeling that it does it's job better with removing greasiness than scented version.

Primark candles
I burn scented candles like crazy. So basically I'm a candle junkie. These are cheap, yet they smell nice. Smell is not intense by any means, but for 1€ price tag they smell just enough. They have nice minimalistic jar packaging (I re-use most of the jars). 

I know he doesn't fall into beauty category, but I'm a big animal lover, so I have to mention it. For ages I have only cats, yes crazy cat lady and in September 2016 me and my boyfriend got a pitbull puppy. Named him Klaas, because my bestfriend has a dog named Joko. If you ever watched Circus Halligalli, you know where the names are from. If you think he's dangerous beacause of his breed, you're wrong. He adores people and likes to cuddle a lot.

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