Review: Kiko Milano Water Eyeshadow 208 Light Gold


A while ago I was at the Kiko Milano store in Seiersberg in Austria and I had to pick up one of the water eyeshadows, since everybody seems to love them.

Packaging: Small matte black compact, that is sturdy. Inside it has a small mirror. The most eye-catching thing is definitely 3D pattern on the eyeshadow.

Texture: Eyeshadow has a creamy texture and the pigmentation is insane. Especially when you use it wet. It can have a bit of a fall out when used dry, but once you wet it, that goes away. It applies nicely and evenly, brushes pick up the eyeshadow well. Some even use it as a highlighter. If you can pull it off, do it. I can't use it as a highlighter, since it looks glittery on me and it emphasizes every imperfection that I have. 

Color: It's light, warm golden shimmery color. 

On the left is swatched dry and on the right wet.

Staying power: Used wet it stays on the lid a whole day without creasing and fading.

Price and availibility: Kiko Milano store and online for 8.99€.

Overall I highly recommend it, since it is an amazing eyeshadow. But I would recommend to wait for their sales online, since it has a bit of a bigger price.

Did you tried their water eyeshadows? Or anything else, if yes, what is your opinion?

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