Review: Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick 08 It's a Statement


Probably you already heard a lot of people rave about new Matt Matt Matt lipsticks from Essence. I'm all about matt lipsticks, so I had to try it out. When I swatched it in the store, it seemed better than their previous matt version of lipsticks. So I decided to take the shade 08 It's a Statement, since it was screaming fall to me.

Texture: It's creamy, but a little bit patchy. I need 3 layers to make it even. Because of that, I prefer to use it with a lipliner underneath. Pigmentation is good, compared to their previous matt line it's way better in my opinion. The finish is semi-matt.

Color: In the tube it looks brown, but once you swatch it or put it on the lips it's deep cool toned burgundy shade.

Staying Power: The staying power is not that impressive. This shade wears off horribly, everytime I drink or smoke I have to reapply it, since it wears off very patchy. Even if you do nothing, it still wears off patchy. I could not say how long this could last, but for me definetely not more than 1 hour.

Scent: Reminds me on fruity vanilla scent.

Packaging: I like the packaging, it seems to be sturdy enough and better quality than the previos matt version (one of mine is broken). The lid is the same color as lipstick, but you can still see trough it.

Price and availability: You can get it in drugstores for around 3€.

Overall I have love-hate feelings about this lipstick. I adore the shade, but I won't be wearing it a lot since it needs high maintenance. Reapplying every hour or less is not what I really want. I like that Essence improved the finish, now it looks properly semi-matte and the packaging is also better, but the lipsticks still lack of longevity. And for that price point you can still find better ones, such as Golden Rose or Jordana.

What do you think about new Matt Matt Matt lipsticks?

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