Review: Freedom Pro Decadence Rock & Roll Palette


Freedom is a sister brand of Makeup Revolution, but I'm sure everybody knows this by now. While no Makeup Revolution palette shook the ground under my feet, this one definitely did and it deserves its own post. For such a low price these shadows perform really good. There are a few shadows in the palette that don't perform as good as other, but for such a low price that's not a big deal, atleast for me.

The packaging is a standard shiny black case, which screams after finger prints all over. It has a mirror inside, which is a big plus for me. It comes with double sided sponge aplicator, which is useless.

It contains 18g of product and you can get it for 10,95€ on lič or their official website.

The color scheme in this palette screams my name, since I like doing colorful eye makeup and neutral colors seem mostly dull. Most of the time, I use this palette in combination with other more neutral palettes, due to lack of matte shades.

Palette offers shimmery, satin, matte, duochrome and matte with small chunks of glitter eyeshadows. Eyeshadows feel soft and buttery and they have good pigmentation with some exceptions. Mattes are easy to blend, while shimmer shades tend to crease on my lids, since they're even more buttery than matte and feel almost like a cream.

1 - shimmery light champagne. This one doesn't have wet like texture and it's slightly less pigmented in comparison with other shimmer shades.
2 - shimmery light cool brown. Feels like a cream and has good pigmentation.
3 - satin brown. Good pigmentation.
4 -  warm gold shimmer. Cream like texture and good pigmentation.
5 - warm bronzy brown shimmer. Cream like texture and good pigmentation.
6 - brown with gold  glitter. The biggest disappointment in this palette. It has drier texture, poor pigmentation and has a ton of fall out.
7 - matte grey mauvey color. This one is slightly less pigmented.
8 - plumy matte. Good pigmentation.
9 - matte black. Decent pigmentation for a drugstore black eyeshadow. It has the driest texture among other matte shades.
10 - matte black with silver glitter. Slightly less pigmented than previous black shade.

11 - burgundy matte with small glitter. Good pigmentation and blendibility.
12 - brown shimmer with reddish sheen. It has drier texture although it's nicely pigmented.
13 - burgundy matte with gold glitter. Swatches patchy and has drier texture. Altough I didn't have problems while applying it with a brush and blending it out. It's quite similar to shade 11, just that it leans more on the brown side.
14 - lilac matte. Very poor pigmentation.
15 - dark greyish lilac satin. Less pigmented.
16 - violet satin. Good pigmentation.
17 - duochrome blue with violet base. This one is by  far my favorite. It's more on the sheer side, but it can be nicely build up over a black base.
18 - blue matte with silver glitter. Good pigmentation.
19 - green shimmer. Good pigmentation.
20 - forest green shimmer. Good pigmentation and drier texture than other shimmer shades.

I personally don't like that there are two blacks in the palette, one would be enough. The pigmentation and texture isn't consistant, but in general they're good. They don't fade through out the day (but none of them fade on me, so keep that in mind) and creamier shimmers tend to crease on me after few hours. Overall I think this palette is worth the money, even though it has a few duds. If you're looking for affordable and good colorful eyeshadow palette, look no further.

Some looks I did, using this palette.

Do you prefer neutral or colorful eye look?

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