Review: Coloured Raine Beauty Rust


I got the Beauty Rust palette somewhere in December. It's a limited edition as well as other 3 mini palettes. They're 2 still available on Beauty Bay as far as I know. I mainly got it because of the mustard shade Daisy. Yes, I know, that's a stupid reason to buy a whole palette. But after all, I have nothing similar in my collection to these shades. And it's basically another warm toned palette on the market. 

Packaging is cardboard with a  lovely flower design. Inside it has a small mirror. 

Each shade has 1.5g of product, so in total 9g. It costs 33.50€ on Beauty Bay.

The palette contains 5 matte and 1 foil shades. However the formula between mattes isn't the same. The star between the mattes is Daisy, yet it's not a formula that everybody would like. It's comparable to mattes in Subculture palette, but even better. So that means a lot of kick back, soft to the touch, great pigmentation and blends with and ease. Other mattes are stiffer to the touch and don't have so much kick back, but they maintain that blendability. I didn't notice any fall out under my eyes with any of the shades, except with foiled Dream, but that can be fixed by applying it wet. 

NATURAL - matte warm brown with some yellow undertones. Good pigmentation and blends well. 
DREAM - foiled orange copper with specks of gold. It applies well with brush, fingers or wet. 
NIGHTY NIGHT - matte neutral brown. Good pigmentation and blends well. 
DAISY - matte mustard. The star of this palette. It has a different formula than other mattes. The formula is similar to ABH Subculture, just a bit better. Has a great pigmentation, a lot of kick back and blends with such an ease. I wish all the mattes in this palette would perform like Daisy. 
RECHARGE - brick matte red. Good pigmentation and blends well. 
DUSK - dark plumy brown. It translates lighter on eye lids. The biggest disappointment in this palette. Feels dry to the touch and needs a lot of layering to look decent. 

Nighty Night, Recharge and Dusk crease on my lids and the color loses its intensity after 3 or 4 hours.

Natural, Recharge, Dusk and Dream.
This palette might work better for someone with eyelids that aren't oily or hooded. But for me it's not worth the full price, so I'm glad that I got it on discount. The only two shades that stand out to me are Dream and Daisy. And I can make Natural work on me, but I have to use glitter glue, otherwise it will crease. But the other three shades are useless for me. So I can't recommend this palette. And it's such a shame, since the color story is so pretty.

Did you tried anything from Coloured Raine? Or do you have something on WL from them? I'm still tempted to buy the Queen of Hearts palette. 

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