November haul



In this post I'm going to share with you the products I have bought this month and my what I think about them. I look around for new products in the stores and on the internet all the time and every month I'll buy something new that I wanted to try out or I'll see some product for the first time and I'll immediately say to myself; oh, I must have it. Every time I buy or find something new I feel so happy, like a little kid on christmas.  

This month I went and bought a few products in the DM store and I ordered some makeup from a website: 

This year I'm kind of having an obsession with shower gels. I buy at least two each month.

 This month I bought three, all of them in the DM store.
I bought Baleas Vanilla & coconut just because there's nothing better than the scent of coconut. Love the smell, but I didn't try this one yet.
Afrodita Orange cream smells amazing! This line of cream shower gels is silicone, paraben & paraffin free. They also have three varieties more, Vanilla cream, Raspberry cream and Pistachio cream. I smelled all of them and they all smell so amazingly good.
Balea Luxury Red Love I bought this one because of that beautiful red color. It smells good, but it's nothing special. It's with coconut & peach scent, however I couldn't smell the coconut at all.

 This month I also decided to try out some Aussie products, because I have read that they have good products. My expectations were set very high with this brand. I can't review these two products, but I can tell you my first impression of them. 
The first time I washed my hair with Repair miracle shampoo, my hair felt hard and dull. And when they were completely dry I was in shock how bad they looked. Despite the first impression of the product I decided to give it a try and use up this bottle.
I don't have anything bad to say, about the Miracle dry shampoo hovewer. When I tried it out, my hair didn't look greassy anymore at all. They were looking silky and smoth and they felt soft on touch, so it does what a dry shampoos is supposed to do.

 List of things I got from
  • Sleek Face Contour Kit in light
  • Makeup Revolution Hypocrisy Eyeliner in shade Tipx
  • Real Techniques setting brush
  • Freedom Pro 12 Le Fabuleux  
  • Makeup Revolution lipstick in shade Make Me Tonight 

Love, Andrea

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