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Today i'm going to review the Freedom eyeshadow palette that I have recently bought and mentioned in my previous post 'November Haul'. At first I wanted to write a little bit more about the palette in haul post, but I just fell in love with it the second I swatched it and decided to review it immediately.

So let's start with the palettes packaging. There is nothing really special about it, it just has a classic black cover with a see through lid, but the plastic is pretty decent quality. The palette comes with a two sided sponge applicator, but I'll never really use it. The only flaw this palette has, in my opinion is that it doesn't have a mirror inside the packaging. It's a little disappointing, but defenitely not a deal braker.

Okay, that's it about the packaging, lets move onto the actual eyeshadows. The Le Fabuleux palette consists of 12 eyeshadows. 3 eyeshadows are matte, one is matte with a touch of glitter, other one with satin finish and 7 are shimmer eyeshadows.

Eyeshadows don't come with a name so I'm going to swatch them, starting with the upper, first row, left to right. All eyeshadows are swatched without a primer.

First row: first one is matte, others are shimmery.

Second row: first shade has satin finish, others are shimmery (My favourite from the palette is cooper shimmer, oh I just love that shade)

Third row: first shade is shimmery, second and third are matte and the last one is matte with a touch of glitter.

In general the quality of eyeshadows is good. They are buttery and soft, they blend easily. I didn't notice any fall out of pigments during the application, which is great, because I really hate having small glitters on my cheeks at the end of my routine. The color payoff is good, it's definitely better with matte. Applications durability is way better with matte eyeshadows, they will last the whole day. While the shimmery ones fade throughout the day. I used them with a primer (I always have to use primer, because I have slightly oily lids and hooded eyes) so I can't tell you how they'll work without a primer.

Here's something I created with those eyeshadows.
I got mine Freedom Pro 12 Le Fabuleux palette from for 5,95 €.

Love, Andrea

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