ARTDECO High Performance Eyeshadow Stylo 28


Hello! I own a few products from Artdeco and I was very pleased with them, except with the black matte eyeshadow. I think that Artdeco products don't get enough praise. This High performance eyeshadow stylo literally blew my mind away and I'm already planning on buying other shades.

The formula is creamy and you get very good pigmentation in just one swipe. If you want to blend it out, you have to be really fast because it dries in a couple of seconds.But when you blend it out, some pigmentation gets lost, so you have to layer it up a bit.
It claims that this eyeshadow is waterproof. Well while I had a swatch on my hand, I washed my hands couple of times before I removed it with micellar water and the results I got were pretty great. This eyeshadow doesn't move once it sets on my eye lids, although I have to prime my eyelids before, because I have hooded eyes and they tend to get oily throughout the day. I did test it without priming my eyelids and it creased after a few hours but not too much.

The packaging is a classic black with silver writting on it. It surely doesn't look cheap to me. Eyeshadow comes with a hidden sharpener, which I find great. The lid stay put on really well, actually I have to pull it pretty well to take it off.
At the first sight it doesn't seem much, but when the light hits it the gold glitters become stunning. I like to use it to brighten up my inner corners of the eye, since it doesn't smudge all day.

Artdeco high performance eyeshadow stylo used on the inner corner, the other shades on my eyes are from Freedom Pro 12 Le Fabuleux.

You can get it in the Müller drugstore for around 10€, it's a bit on the pricey side but totally worth the money.

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