Review: Jordana Matte Lipstick in 61 Classic Nude


I've heard a lot about Jordana, so I decided to finally try something from this brand.. I chose matte lipstick in Classic Nude for starters, since I'm obsessed with lipsticks lately.

Texture: These are definitely more thicker, but still enough creamy for a smooth and even application. In comparison with Artdecos Perfect Mat lipsticks these are less creamy and more thicker. The colour is fully opaque, so one swipe on the lips is enough to coat them. It has classic matte finish that lipsticks in regular form have. I can't say how much they will dry out your lips, since my lips are fine and none of matte lipstick dry my lips.

Colour: I suck at discribing shades, so have patience or just simply skip this and see it for yourself in the picture down below. Classic Nude is a rosy brown shade, which makes it perfect for everyday wear. The first time I wore it, the shade reminded me on Artdecos Perfect Mat Lipstick in 184 Rosewood. And I was right, they look pretty much identical on my lips, but when they're swatched Jordana Classic Nude looks brighter and slightly pinkier than Artecos Rosewood.

On left Jordana Classic Nude and on the right Artdeco Rosewood.

Staying Power: It stayed on my lips around 4-5 hours, in between I was drinking a lot of water. However they won't survive a greasy meal. I find that longevity is impressive for that price.

Packaging: Oh my god, this is probably the cheapest packaging I've came across so far. Every time I use it, I'm afraid that I'm going to break it. You can't alwys get what you want, so I'd rather have amazing quality lipstick and cheap packaging, than vice versa.

Price and Avilability: I got mine from Click2chic for 2.60€. You can also get it on official Jordana Cosmetics EU site for 1.96€.

Overall I am very pleased with the lipsticks formula and longevity, so it's easy for me to overlook the cheap packaging. I recommend them to everyone who want to have a good and cheap matte lipstick.

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