Review: Catrice Cream Camouflage Concealer in 020 Light Beige


After I had Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer for a while, I decided to finally try out the cream version as well. I had very high expectations for this concealer and guess what? It didn't let me down.

Texture: It has a thick consistency and still creamy enough to blend it out very easily. This concealer is towarding on the full coverage, which is amazing for that price tag and I don't think anything can beat that. I don't think you can cover tattoos with it, but for sure you can cover some redness and scaring with it. Once it sets, it stays shiny and a bit sticky.

Colour: Light Beige has a warm yellow undertone and it's suitable for light/medium skin tone. In comparison with the liquid version this one is a bit darker on my face, but while I swatch it the cream version looks lighter than liquid one. Weird thing, huh?

Packaging: It comes in a classic black pot with a clear lid. It contains 3g of product, which is a good amount, since you don't need a lot of the product to cover up something.

Scent: The concealear has a light chemical scent, which you probably wont even notice. Over time while it's on your face, it disappears.

Price and avilability: You can get it in drugstores (DM; Müller,...) for around 4€.

Did you tried it out yet?

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