Review: ESSENCE Make Me Brow 02 Browny Brows


A while ago I started buying more products from Essence, cause it seems like everyone likes something from this brand. I was avoiding their products since one of their eyeliners gave me an alergic reaction in high school. I was trying to be on a budget and the only thing I got were swollen and red eyelids for days. I was like, NO, not me. :D I had Make Me Brow on my wishlist for 3 months or so and everytime I went into the drugstore I was checking it out and it stayed like that for quite a time. But recently I bought it and now I think why didn't I get it sooner.

The applicator is really small, which I find great, so you can apply it on your brows effortlessly. I find that there is just enough product on the applicator.

The formula is outstanding for that price. It's a tinted gel that has a nice amount of fibers in it. This mascara thickens my brows perfectly. I personally just need a mascara to make them "perfect", since I already have pretty thick brows. Layering up the product is really easy, it doesn't become patchy, spidery or gross looking. However I did notice, that my brows feel a little bit stiff.

The packaging is a classic mascara kind of a tube, but smaller.

Overall I think that Make Me Brow is one of the hidden jems in the drugstore. Unfortunately, it comes only in two shades (Blondy Brows and Browny Brows), so if the shade fits you go and grab one, because it's totally worth it. I think it costs around 3€, so for that price you can't go wrong. Some beauty bloggers compare it with Gimme Brow from Benefit, but I woudn't know if they're dupes since I don't own Benefit one.

Did you tried it yet? What do you think?

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4 komentarji

  1. Ful imaš lepe obrvi :D

    Jaz pa vedno uporabljam samo svinčnik, sem malo lena za ostale zadeve :D

    1. Hvala :)
      Jas sem tudi probala s svincnikom, ampak ne zgleda fajn na meni ali pa se mi samo tako zdi :D

  2. Ful simpl, efektiven in tako priročen. Meni je res všečen izdelek. Všečkam makeup in prelep lok obrvi:)