Review: Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme 14 Devotion



You've probably already heard of Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes. These were on my wishlist for ages and I finally decided to try them out, since my weakest spot are any kind of lipsticks lately. I've read and watched a ton of good reviews about them, so my expectations were really high. My first impressions? Not that quite good. After one cigarette and a drink, lipstick on my inner side of the lip started to crumble a lot. Then I decided to try to make it work, so I exfoliated and moisturezed the hell out of my lips. I made it work, this lip cream is AMAZING.

Texture: It's a creamy and very pigmented lip cream. It dries down to a matte finish quickly, within a minute or so. They can feel lightweight or like a layer on your lips, depending how you apply it. If you apply a thin layer it will feel lightweight, but then the colour appears lighter than actually is. And if you apply a more thicker layer, it can feel like you have some layer on your lips and a bit uncomfortable. I don't find them to be uncomfortable or drying, but some people might do, so keep that in mind. It can apply a bit uneven, if you layer it a lot while it's still wet.

Colour:After seeing this shade of  the lip cream on me, I feel in love with red lips all over again. It's deep true red.

Staying Power: Amore Matte Lip Cremes are really long lasting ones. I had it on for a whole working day, which is 10 hours and when I came home only the inner part of my lip was worn off. However it won't survive a greasy meal.

Scent: It has some kind of vanilla scent, which fades away after it dries down.

Packaging: A square plastic tube with a flat doe foot applicator. It has a gold cap and gold writting on the tube, which I find expensive looking.

Price and availability: Mine is from MojaDrogerija, where it costs 12,35€. You can also get it on Click2Chic and Beauty Joint.

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